Competitive Advantage Champion™: one book to differentiate your business

Competitive Advantage Champion™ is a book to help you develop and maintain a competitive advantage.

Hello! My name is Badis and I teach business owners about competitive advantage.

After many years in marketing, I have noticed one thing:

Most companies tend to underestimate their competition and overestimate their differentiation.

The consequence?

Businesses get commoditized and fail to grow.

What is Competitive Advantage Champion™?

This book is a tool to help you think about your company’s differentiation strategy.

🚀 4 Differentiation Strategies

You think building a competitive advantage requires exceptional creativity? Think again. It’s just a process and I’ll show it to you. There are 4 differentiation strategies to choose from.

💡 A Clear Plan

Once you have gone through the process, you will know exactly what to do next and what actions you should set up in your business.

📃 Examples and Tips

Get access to detailed case studies for each differentiation strategy, with real examples from the real world.

⏱ Quick Results

You are busy running a business. Taking time to actually think about your overall business strategy can be a luxury. With this book, you won’t need to spend days at a seminar. You can get breakthrough results quickly.

This book will mainly help you answer these 3 questions for you:
1️⃣ How should I position my company to be significantly different from the competition? 2️⃣ What should I concretely do to gain this differentiation? 3️⃣ What is the safest way to get that differentiation?

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Readers ❤️ Competitive Advantage Champion™!

Co-Founder @ Implement. 👉 | Podcast Host | Book Author

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