And 4 Lessons on Startup Branding.

You have probably seen the latest Uber logo this morning on your phone

Uber was founded in 2009. In 9 years, they have already changed their branding 5 times.

That’s a lot.

Of course, it’s not for the love of design. Branding changes, especially at scale, are expensive and time-consuming.

But if you look at these changes and why they were made, we can learn some valuable lessons.

Every stage of company growth requires a new identity and the faster you grow, the faster you need to redesign it.

Uber’s growth was fast.

A $65b valuation, in only 9 years, is unbelievable.

Lesson 1: When your first and second brandings don’t matter.

The first…

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In this article, we explore how Gymbox built a successful business by being a challenger brand, and how you can become one too.

Gymbox is a very successful Fitness brand with 300 employees, 11 gyms around London. 🏋️‍♀️

And there is something that massively contributed to their success: a unique, disruptive, and bold brand. 🔥

In other words, a challenger brand.

Gymbox is different, it’s not for everybody and they are not afraid to say it.

Rory McEntee, Brand & Marketing Director at Gymbox, was my guest on The Implement Podcast 🎧.

Rory is an expert in building challenger…

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I love cold email but when I see it done poorly, I can’t help but cringe…hard.

So it would be great if we could stop doing this👇.

1/ Asking directly for a sales meeting 👎

I don’t know you, never heard of your brand — so sure let me take 30 minutes of my time to be SOLD to…

2/ Misleading subject lines 🤥

If you start our relationship by tricking me into opening your email, how trustful do you think I’ll be?

3/ No unsubscribe link 🧐

If you don’t allow people to unsub, people are going to put your sequence to spam. Good luck with your sender score!

4/ Pitching 😒

I know you’re eager to get a meeting…

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I have been honored to start 2021 by lecturing a master’s degree class at HEC Paris.

Teaching live is very fun and it is something I have started doing a lot in 2020.

I am sharing with you 8 things I learned on how to run an engaging live course!

1/ 😇 Sell

Sell the value of what you are teaching.

Being present doesn’t mean they are listening.

Ask for their trust.

Sell your legitimacy and why they should trust the process you’re showing them.

2/ 📣 Repeat

Repeat the key points of your presentation over and over.

This is how it sticks.

I know it’s…

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Marketing is not glamorous.

It’s mostly operational.

You are constantly shipping projects.

And your time is your most valuable asset. ⌛️

Successful marketers are before anything else experts in time & productivity management. ⏱

I have gathered best practices from the most productive marketers I know.

Check out some of them below 👇😊

Hope this helps and don’t hesitate to share some of your productivity tips as well!

1/ 🥵 Aware

Keep track of when you are feeling overwhelmed. That feeling is a signal that your time is not managed properly and it’s time to audit your operations.

2/ 🛠 Audit

Audit what you are doing…

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The 2020 pandemic made job hunting even harder.

Many companies were delaying their hires, laying off.

There were more candidates on the market & fewer opportunities.

I was recently chatting on the podcast with a brilliant marketer with 10 years of experience.

She told me about her 9-months job hunt during that period.

It was brutal. 😕

She also shared some great advice on the topic.

>>podcast episode here 😊 🎧 <<

I have compiled some of her advice here 👇

1/ 😶‍🌫️ Manage your mindset

Keep in mind that it will take time, and longer than usual.

The pandemic is brutal, and the more…

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My passion for cold email started in 2015.

I had started selling cold emailing consulting and software to B2B clients.

Back then, it worked.

And if done well you could get a lot of leads.

It seemed like the obvious thing to do for most B2B companies.

Now, I feel like the environment has changed so much.

My latest experiments with cold email have been massively disappointing.

Here are 5 thoughts about the practice 👇

1/ ❌ Spam

Spam filters became much smarter. Especially, Gmail, it will shoot down campaigns much faster now if it senses it’s not opt-in.

2/ 🥵 Fatigue

Cold emailing has suffered…

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A mutant marketer is coming: half software-developer, half marketer. 😈

Here is why no-code will change the marketing profession forever:

1/ 🌈 A new horizon for content creation

Highly engaging lead magnets, and digital experiences like free tools, etc… can be launched faster than ever.

2/ 🛠 No more tech help needed

No need to wait for the tech team or the agency to give you a hand.

3/ 🚀 Asset creation speed

You’ll probably go faster than the tech team or the agency anyway with no-code tools.

4/ 💪 Custom tools

Imagine building your own internal apps for email marketing, social media, etc…, exactly as you want them, in a few clicks & for close to nothing.
Well, that’s possible now.

5/ 🤖 Custom automation

The potential…

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Our new learning platform is built with

It took Lucie (my co-founder) 4 days to build it.

And it’s beautiful. :)

It has everything you need in a video learning platform.

And we built it exactly as we wanted it.

We could have gotten a learning platform software like Podia.

But when you master no-code tools, you realize how much you can build yourself.

Learning a tool like is the best thing you can do as a marketer or non-technical founder.

I wanted to share our experience with you so far:

1/ 💪 It’s robust

We are stunned by how the end…

(and well)

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I wrote my book in 6 weeks.

142 pages.

Here is my simple recipe to writing fast:

1/ ✍️ Outline, outline & outline

Build a very, very detailed outline.

You need to know exactly what you’re going to say at every step before doing any writing.

2/ 🚀 Ship

Don’t overthink the copy.

Just write it like you would explain it to someone else.

The copy will shape up naturally.

The first draft is always awful anyway.

I published my 7th draft.

As you write, ideas get clearer.

No matter how detailed your initial outline, you will have to re-write it over and over.

3/ 🌈 No inspiration

You don’t need…

Badis Khalfallah

Co-Founder @ Implement. 👉 | Podcast Host | Book Author

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