8 Tips on Giving an Engaging Live Course

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I have been honored to start 2021 by lecturing a master’s degree class at HEC Paris.

Teaching live is very fun and it is something I have started doing a lot in 2020.

I am sharing with you 8 things I learned on how to run an engaging live course!

1/ 😇 Sell

Sell the value of what you are teaching.

Being present doesn’t mean they are listening.

Ask for their trust.

Sell your legitimacy and why they should trust the process you’re showing them.

2/ 📣 Repeat

Repeat the key points of your presentation over and over.

This is how it sticks.

I know it’s old-school advice but it does make a difference.

3/ 🪝Hook

Your course should solve a pressing problem.

Address their primary concerns, even if it seems unrelated at first.

If you are talking to students talk about their future careers. If you talk to business owners, talk about business growth.

Seems obvious right? Still, so many teachers forget this basic principle.

4/ 😁 Smile

Smile, laugh.

Have fun doing your course and they will have fun too.

The audience mirrors your attitude.

What you feel, they do too.

5/ ⏳Pause

Pause for questions often. Create interactions whenever possible.

6/ 🙋 Feedback

Ask for feedback many times during the session.

Ask what they think about what you’re showing them.

They don’t always have questions, but they will have an opinion.

And that opinion can bring great interactions.

7/ 🥁 Rythm

Create rythm by changing topics, and moving on every 3–5 minutes or so.

Also, bring memorable examples that will stick in their minds.

For example, I managed to squeeze in an extract from the comedy show: “The Office” as a case study.

Unexpected examples, case studies always have a little effect. :)

8/ 🔥 Passion

Speak with conviction and passion.

Speak as you would to a close friend.

Show that you care about their success.

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