7 Lessons From Building With Bubble.io

Photo by KOBU Agency on Unsplash

Our new learning platform is built with Bubble.io

It took Lucie (my co-founder) 4 days to build it.

And it’s beautiful. :)

It has everything you need in a video learning platform.

And we built it exactly as we wanted it.

We could have gotten a learning platform software like Podia.

But when you master no-code tools, you realize how much you can build yourself.

Learning a tool like Bubble.io is the best thing you can do as a marketer or non-technical founder.

I wanted to share our experience with you so far:

1/ 💪 It’s robust

2/ 🌈 No compromises

3/ 🚀 Fast learning

4/ 🤑 Cheap

5/ 🛠 Scalability?

6/ 🙌 Community

7/ 🤓 Documentation

Now we’ll see how it fares in the coming months and if it holds its promise.

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