5 Thoughts on Cold Email in 2021

Photo by Stephen Phillips — Hostreviews.co.uk on Unsplash

My passion for cold email started in 2015.

I had started selling cold emailing consulting and software to B2B clients.

Back then, it worked.

And if done well you could get a lot of leads.

It seemed like the obvious thing to do for most B2B companies.

Now, I feel like the environment has changed so much.

My latest experiments with cold email have been massively disappointing.

Here are 5 thoughts about the practice 👇

1/ ❌ Spam

Spam filters became much smarter. Especially, Gmail, it will shoot down campaigns much faster now if it senses it’s not opt-in.

2/ 🥵 Fatigue

Cold emailing has suffered from its own success. Like most marketing tactics that work, more and more people start jumping in and you get saturation.

3/ 😤 Guard Up

Prospects are more tired than ever of this type of campaign. Even if it is well crafted and personalized, they will tend to keep their guard up and not engage as much.

4/ 😇 LinkedIn

Well-crafted LinkedIn messaging on prospects that do know your brand has been much more effective for me lately.

5/ 💌 Meeting

Nowadays I rarely dare ask for a meeting in a cold approach — I only keep it for giving content and offering value.

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