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I wrote my book in 6 weeks.

142 pages.

Here is my simple recipe to writing fast:

1/ ✍️ Outline, outline & outline

Build a very, very detailed outline.

You need to know exactly what you’re going to say at every step before doing any writing.

2/ 🚀 Ship

Don’t overthink the copy.

Just write it like you would explain it to someone else.

The copy will shape up naturally.

The first draft is always awful anyway.

I published my 7th draft.

As you write, ideas get clearer.

No matter how detailed your initial outline, you will have to re-write it over and over.

3/ 🌈 No inspiration

You don’t need inspiration.

At least you don’t need it all the time.

Seth Godin says that being a writer is no different from being a plumber, you show up and you write.

There is no need for inspiration, it’s like any other job.

I am not that extreme but that advice really helped me get through the initial setbacks.

4/ ⏳ Wait

Never ship what you just wrote.

Let it sit for a few hours/days.

Only then, start editing. You’ll have a fresh mind to see what’s good and what’s not.

Taking perspective is very important.

Taking a few hours off or having someone else read the work will get you over any overthinking trap.

5/ 🎯 Objective first

[this is probably only valid for non-fiction]

Keep in mind the initial objective.

A book is like any other product. It is created for a specific customer who has a specific problem (when it’s done right).

It is important to always keep that in mind and shape the book (content+format) for that specific customer.

So when you feel like your book is “doing what it says it does” — then maybe it’s good enough.

Does it solve the problem you wanted to tackle?

If yes, then it’s time to start closing the project.

6/ 🏆 Bring it home

It gets harder at the end.

Re-working the same paragraph for the 5th time will get frustrating. 😅

The urge to ship makes you less patient.

This is when you need to double down.

This is when you need to work harder.

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