3 Lessons On Job Hunting For A Long Time

Photo by Saulo Mohana on Unsplash

The 2020 pandemic made job hunting even harder.

Many companies were delaying their hires, laying off.

There were more candidates on the market & fewer opportunities.

I was recently chatting on the podcast with a brilliant marketer with 10 years of experience.

She told me about her 9-months job hunt during that period.

It was brutal. 😕

She also shared some great advice on the topic.

>>podcast episode here 😊 🎧 <<

I have compiled some of her advice here 👇

1/ 😶‍🌫️ Manage your mindset

The pandemic is brutal, and the more time you’re out of a job, the more guilt builds up.

Know that there is no stigma in looking for a job.

Keep a positive mindset.

2/ 🌈 Manage your day

Wake up at the same time and don’t job hunt all day.

You should focus on max 6 productive tasks a day.

Once done… just enjoy the rest of your day :)

Don’t delay having fun because you’re job hunting.

3/ 🙌 Invest in connections

It’s a great time to build long-term connections.

A great way to do it is by co-creating content with other people (write for blogs, offer your time for webinars, podcasts…).

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