3 Crazy Bold Outreach Tactics You Never Thought About

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In the world of outbound sales, every one is focused on the same channels, using the same tactics.

Maybe it’s time to be bold and do something crazy.

I have 3 crazy tactics for you. They will set you apart from the competition.

I guarantee it 100%.

1- Handwritten Card in an Large Empty Package

Handwrite a card and put it in a larger box. The prospect will see the big box. Feel how light it is. Open it. And see a handwritten card inside.

On the card, it’s your usual sales copy, explain what your company does, how you can help your prospect and give your call-to-action.

Now you are going to ask me why the large empty box?

Deliverability: Executives and leaders receive tons of mail. They are usually filtered out by an assistant. Expect for packages. They are usually delivered in hand, unopened.

Open Rate: How many times have you not opened a letter and let it sit on your desk for a week? I have to confess, it happens to me a lot. Now, how many time have you not opened a package, as soon as you received it?… Well, you got your answer.

Message Urgency: The urgency to read the card is going to be immediate. The prospect will want to understand why the box is empty. Maybe the explanation is on that handwritten card. It’s up to you if you want to joke about it or not.

To manage handwriting a large number of cards I recommend this service: https://maillift.com/

2- Potato Outreach

No, I am not talking about the Michigan State University Potato Outreach Program.

Sending a customized potato will make an impression. Your prospect never received that from a seller. It’s not a bottle of wine or a branded notebook. That’s good too, but so it’s so common and blah

A potato, however, can say a lot about you. I mean literally. You can customize your potato with a service like Potato Parcel or Mystery Potato. It can include text and photo.

They handle the potato and the shipping for you.

Of course, you don’t know how people will react to it. They might not understand. They might be confused. But they will definitely remember it. Worst case scenario, they have no sense of humor, and throw the potato in your face. In that case, you are probably better off not taking them as a client anyway.

3- Music Video

Case 1- You are confident singing/dancing on video

Good for you! Hit the Loom button and start rolling.

For your prospect, there will be nothing better than seeing you ridiculing yourself for their attention.

3 scenarios can happen here:

  • Your prospect loves it, shows it to the team. They have laugh.
  • Doesn’t love it but it made him/her smile.
  • Made him/her feel uncomfortable and doesn’t take you seriously anymore.

If you are worried about scenario 3, keep in mind that even in uptight B2B executive settings, prospects are human. They have nothing against a good laugh. So don’t be afraid, try it. Well, maybe try more conventional approaches first and keep this “last resort”.

Case 2- You are not confident singing/dancing on video

Maybe you are not a great dancer or singer. Maybe you wouldn’t want to be mocked.

Totally understand (here is a secret: I am just like you). But you need that meeting right? So suck it up and try it out, you won’t die.

If you still can’t find the courage, here is what you can do instead. Get a video editing tutorial course. I’d recommend Adobe Premiere.

Then, take an existing music video. Cut and remix the parts with personalized content. Use your own voice for audio. And add images relating to your prospect in the video.

After taking a one hour Adobe Premiere tutorial course on YouTube, you’ll be able to pull off great music video remixes in 20 minutes.

The “only” problem with the music video is that you need to ship it to your prospect, by email or LinkedIn.

Have a look at Orca. Once you get your video set up, use Orca to track your outreach and follow up with your prospects on multiple channels.

Can you think of other crazy outreach tactics?

Share them in the comments!

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